Anyone can be famous.
And earn money for it.

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Daily Shows

The show starts at a given time every day. Open the app to see when it starts today!

How to Play

🧐 Check when the show goes live. The time displayed is based on your current timezone.

📱 Open the app right before the show goes live.

✌️ A user will be randomly selected to stream.

🎥 They will livestream whatever they want to the entire audience.

❤️ Send them a heart if you like their content.

🕰 If they get enough hearts, they will get more time to stream.

💔 If they don't get enough hearts, a new streamer will be randomly selected.

💰 The longer you stream, the more money you make.

💬 You can send real-time comments to the person streaming.

👀 If you want, you can choose to just watch the show without streaming.

Earn Money and Time

The more the audience likes your content, the more time you will get on the stream. Best part: the longer you stream, the more money you make.

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